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Coffee Cabana, The all time treat

Coffee Cabana, The all time treat

It's 1994, on a sunny spring day you've found yourself at Connaught Place walking around soaking in the bustle of the stores. It's time for a coffee, the only way you know how- cold coffee with ice cream at one of the hangout spots. It's chilled, sweet almost chocolatey, nutty even. Here begins your love of Coffee.

coffee cabana ice cream

Fast forward to many years and a pour over too many your tastebuds have evolved. An espresso is your go to afternoon pick me up. Is this what adulting feels like? But at heart you're a cold coffee person, that particular flavour of your youth. 

This is where our Coffee Cabana comes in. It's an evolution of our tastebuds with a nod to the our childhood. The base is a slightly stronger coffee ice cream with a much more complex flavour paired with our chocolate fudge and toasted almonds for the nutty touch.